This Newbie has questions about DVDs

I’ve been doing a little research about the types of DVD’s that I can buy. I have a BenQ DW1650. I’ve read that the best type of DVD for burning a video is a Verbatim DVD+R DL. These are the most expensive blank DVDs on the market, or very close to it. What would the difference be if I used DVD-R instead, what’s the benefit of DVD+R?


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Anyways here’s my 2 cents:

Dual layer DVDs are not needed to back up movies. You can usually shrink them down to 4.7GB movies so they fit onto a single layer + or - R. There’s no real benefit of +R over -R. They both work fine, they burn a little differently and aren’t made exactly the same but they both end up working very well at the end of the day.

Verbatim 16x +R is highly recommended in the forums, simply because it does better in “quality scans”. The fact is that the -R 16x is also very good and although it does not score as well in “quality scanning” it does work very well and hardly anyone ever has problems with it. So do not be afraid at all to buy -R verbatim media :slight_smile:

With Dual layer VS single layer - dual lyer pretty much has no loss in picture quality since there is no compression required. If you use the right program with the right quality settings, you’ll find that even the single layer compressed backups look almost identical to the original. In my opinion it’s not really worth backing up anything onto Dual Layer unless you absolutely must have zero loss in picture quality. :stuck_out_tongue:

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:iagree: I’ll second that. When the original movie needs more than 80% compression in DVDShrink, only then do I consider backing it up to 2 SL discs instead of 1… and only if I find that the movie is “visual” enough to deserve this treatment to start with! :bigsmile:

I have been at 50+% compression in Dvd Shrink on some episodic Dvds & have had no problem with them. With Movies I mostly just take the movie itself, most of the time Title 1 & 5.1 audio. With most drives Dvd+R can be booktyped to Dvd-Rom which is the profile of a commercial Dvd.

To be onest i dont think DL media is that expensive anymore, i mean £1.95 a disc with jewel case(verb discs) considering they used to be around £5 a disc. I have backed up a few films to dl namely the original guyver series and terminator 2 ultimate edition.

Alot of films i cant be asked to backup as i can get a new copy for £5 or less in the sales.