This month Mr Moron!



Is this January´s "Mr Moron "No1???



Perhaps he’ll be up for a Darwin Award soon! :bigsmile:


Brilliant. :bigsmile:


Yes and when the police came he was already on the floor on his stomach - Guess he’s used to the drill :smiley:


LOL, yeah I noticed that :bigsmile:…must have been to obedience classes :bigsmile:


And at some point it looked as if he was strolling down with his shopping cart - and I was wondering to myself, is he there to buy groceries or for the money - :smiley: Next time he’ll need to bring a more sturdy ladder (and a brain :D)




Surprised the guy is still alive-eh!


Gee, If he wasn’t drunk, I’d weep for the species :iagree:

Who am I kidding, I’m balling my eyes out right now :stuck_out_tongue: