This might not be the place for it but i need help with a boot disk!

someone please help me. I need a bootable cd. my roommate was mesing around with the program styleXP and changed the boot screen without backing up the boot.ini file or backing up our files. now when i the computer starts windows doesnt boot some error messages occur after it checks for a bootable device. the only thing i can seem to find online are bootable floppys but my computer doesnt have an A: drive. if anyone can help me, very detailed if possible because i know nothing in this area of computers it would be greatly appreciated.

Did you try a system restore? Maybe try that in safe mode press f8 when booting.

doesnt work, the only thing that i can get to come up for the time it restarts in the system settings with f2 or f11 i think… other than that nothing

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It’s possible to make a bootable CD from a bootable floppy disk or an “image” of a bootable floppy disk. The way to do it depends on your CD/DVD burning program.

I’m not sure which bootable floppies you have found on-line, so I don’t know whether they will help you with your problem.

try pressing f8 right after the screen loads. keep hitting f8 and go to safe mode.

This will help. Look around half way down the page for instructions on making a boot cd.
Good luck

Try going to there is images for floppy and cd boot disks.

If you need to edit the boot.ini file it may be possible to do this using a linux program called knoppix. This will boot your system from the floppy in into a KDE (windows like environment) and can access windows drives this program automatically sets itself up and does not load to the hard drive it runs in RAM. You do need some linux knowledge. If yoiu have access problems you can type SUDO -s into the control panel and that will give you super user status. I think the eitor is called NANO for edit of a text file its been a while for me.

For the future I would recommend you get nortons ghost and keep a current ghost image if possible I do this all the time so I can play around and if things get messed up 10 minutes later I am resored.

Good luck :slight_smile:

Why not boot from the windows xp disc and see if a repair will solve your problems?

Is it even checking your HD for booting?
If not -> you will need to get into your bios, generally the “Delete” key or “F1” key.