This may be an idiotic newbie question....downloading entire albums



me being new to this, i just have a quick question. if i were to download an entire album, it plays as one solid track. meaning i can’t skip from one track to the next, can only fast forward. is there an easy way to add breaks in between songs, and if so, how? :confused:


To remove albumWrap try AlbumWrap Extractor as long as its a legal file …


Hmmmm. difficult question, for me at least. How do you know if an album downloaded from emule is legal or illegal? How can I prove to you such thing?

Using emule you can download not only entire albums that include covers, separate tracks (sometimes you have to process the downloaded files to get the single tracks, not just cut them, which usually leads to lossy results), but entire discographies. Try emule. :wink:


Unfortunately, there is no simple automatic way to chop up one continuous recording into individual tracks, unless you get some utility that relies on silence between tracks. However, if you don’t mind manually choosing the start and end of each track, the tool MP3DirectCut (which is freeware) will do the trick.

To use this utility, open the continuous recording you wish to break up, then perform the following:

[li]Navigate left / right until the yellow broken line in the middle is within the silence just before the beginning of the track (silence is where there is no amplitude level, shown in blue.)[/li][li]Click ‘Set Begin’ to mark the start of the track.[/li][li]Drag the navigation slider until you see the next slient region.[/li][li]Use the left / right navigation arrows to navigate such that the yellow broken line falls in the silent region.[/li][li]Click ‘Set End’ to mark the end of the track.[/li][li]Press ‘Play’ to verify this is the end of the track, otherwise go back to step 3.[/li][li]Click the ‘File’ menu and select ‘Save selection…’ to copy this selection into a seperate file and give it the name of this track.[/li][li]Go back to step 1, but starting at the silent region following the selection you’ve just copied out.[/li][/ol]If you are looking for a similar utility for MPEG2 files such as if you have a single MPEG2 file consisting of several continuous music videos, Mpg2Cut2 does pretty much the same job for these, with the exception that it shows frames on screen rather than volume ampliltude. :wink:


If you downloaded it with a P2P app such as Emule, if it’s a mainstream artist and you didn’t pay for it, odds are what you just recieved is an illegal copy, unless you happen to live in Canada where they don’t deem downloading copyrighted materials as an illegal act- yet. Since you are using emule, it’s most likely an unauthorised rip residing in another users shared folder, that was uploaded (which IS illegal in Canada). A word of advice, be careful if you decide to download any movies. Although we see little action against music downloaders around the world, we do see the motion picture industry notifying ISP’s when users download movies.


I dont think this a stupid question. I always wanted to do the same thing. If you burn the mp3 using the cue file, it will be split into tracks.


Maybe you should elaborate a little on your statement. :iagree:


cue files basically store the data about the timing of tracks – where each one starts and ends. so if you go into a burning app and burn the album using a cue sheet, it tells the burning app where each track begins so you end up with seperate tracks on the cd instead of one long one.

my favourite software for this is the mighty burrrn ( simply load the cuesheet and it does the rest.
also i use MusiCutter for splitting these kinds of rips into seperate mp3s for each track. it’s similar to mp3directcut as suggested by Seán, except MusiCutter can split by cuesheet so it’s automated and much easier/faster :slight_smile: (then again maybe mp3directcut can do this too, i haven’t used it for a while).
both programs can split mp3s without the need for re-encoding so there’s no loss of quality. handy stuff!

a lot of cue sheets can be found at the appropriately-named cuesheet heaven (

hope this helps! :smiley: