This laptop any good?



I was thinking of getting this laptop:

Its got good specs but I duno I been hearing that these Inspiron are not to good. Also would a TureLife screen be better?


I would be very careful getting Dell from third party suppliers as Dell usually give you “the finger” in case you claim warranty. It has good specs but are you seriously going to carry around that thing?


“Good” all depends on the quality workmanship in the construction of the product and how you are going to use it. People’s laptops break down along the road sooner or later. It depends on how well you take care of your laptop. Some people don’t care and their laptops get broken or destroyed. I have repaired several Dells for some friends, usually the first thing to die is the hard drive. If you are worried about the warranty I would try to get an extended warranty. Otherwise the only thing I would be afraid of is the battery because of all those battery recalls. I believe you mean TrueLife LCD, I haven’t seen those myself but it would be better if you took a look at them in a store before deciding to buy the TrueLife. It is the same or similair as Sony/Fujitsu’s XBrite/Crystalview screens. I didn’t like the XBrite’s because it reflected where as the Fujitsu’s screen look a little better. From what I read the True Life screens have an anti-reflective coating which prevents the reflection that was in Sony’s XBrite laptops. Both the XBrite/Crystalview had nice colors and sharpness but I just hated the reflection on the Sony laptop. You should check out LCD screens in a store before you decide though. I’d agree with Diizzy, you should becareful of third party sellers.


So is this laptop heavy? It comes with 1 Year Warantey I think so what laptop would you go for on or another UK Site?


it is heavy


Well, it weights at least 3,5 kg which is heavy for a portable and 17" doesnt exactly make it small. Why dont start at the other end, what are you going to do with a laptop?


Gaming, Surfing the Net, Some Video Editing, DVD Burning.


Do you plan to travel a lot with that laptop? I sure hope not, take it from a guy who carried a gaming laptop around, gaming laptops are HEAVY to carry. You will get tired if you are traveling a lot. Otherwise you will be fine with the laptop, kind of beefy laptop though, just don’t expect the battery to last long while mobile.


Hmm… I’d have a look at this one
Its a bit more expensive but at least you’ll have warranty :slight_smile:
If you arent going to game (what are you going to play btw?) that much I’d really consider 13.3" for portability.


So what laptop on would you recomend? I will be using it for Gaming, Surfing the Net, Video Editing, DVD Burning. I will be taking it around but not a lot.

As far as I can tell by Sony website the product class goes: Z --> S --> E where Z is the best model and S and then E are a bit lighter (hardware wise).
I have to say though that I woudnt by laptops over Ebay…