This Kind Of Problem, Please Help

I downloaded RAR archive of movie Team America, when i Unrared it and all litle files i got 2 bin and 2 cue files… u know i opened it thru Daemon Tools and Saw that they both were Super Video CD format… and the prob is that my system plays only VCD 2.0

i used VCDGear to take that SVCD to MPEG( to encode it to MPEG for future VCD) but when i did it, and was about to do it to VCD in TMPGenc to press Start button
1 version told me that type of file was unsopported
2nd version told me that Read Error Occurred At Address 00012F40 of module TMPGenc.exe with 20656850…

Please Help Me

It’s kinda hard to help when you put it this way… you should probably omit the part about pirating copyrighted video.

Since your requesting info on pirated material I have no choice than to close this thread.

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