This kid's a text maniac

Greg Hardesty didn’t LOL when he got his teen daughter’s cellphone statement.



Hahaha. No more texting after dinner for that teenager! BRILLIANT!

I send maybe 1,300 text messages per month, and that’s during a super busy month.

Some text message conversations can run a long time, but wow, that sure is a lot of messaging! :o More and more high school kids are texting now, especially because it allows them to talk in class without actually talking.

What phone providers charge for texting is absolutely ludicrous any way. The government IIRC opened an investigation into the matter, but I’m not sure where that investigation stands right now.

This could lead to a bunch of illiterate problems in the future.


I remember the good old days when people used to talk to eachother face to face, or used phones to talk to people, if face to face wasn’t possible … I’m so … Y2K :stuck_out_tongue: