This just in: Prodisc CD-R media is CRAP!

Disc: 40x 700MB CD-R, Prodisc Technology
Sold as: eProformance 40x multi-speed
Tested with: Liteon LDW-451S GSB4

I bought these discs back in the end of 2002 and quite frankly I don’t remember the CD-RW I wrote them with, altough it was probably 48x LG drive. Can’t be the drive, because I wrote a bunch of different media from that time, and RiTeks for example are just fantastic (sold as Arita).

Before we get to the test, please bear in mind that this disc has been used for about 4-5 times MAX during the last year. It has been sitting inside a cabinet away from sunlight, dust, extreme heat/cold etc for the whole time.

40x read test:

32x read test:

24x read test:

To be blunt, this disc is totally unreadable at higher speeds - it took me 25 minutes to copy the content to the hard drive. And the bad thing is, I have 7 cd-s of stuff I have to copy now, and this was only the first one…

This is not news. I can confirm that the 411/811 drives don’t like it any better, but a big part of this is reading. If you scan the same discs on a CD burner, they will look much better and read much faster.

Okey, just finished copying the stuff. 3 of the 7 discs had serious problems reading data and it took quite a while to complete.

Don’t know about you, but I intend to stay away from Prodisc now on.

It works great in my 52327S burner.