This isn't technically copy-protection, but

… It sure is effective. In trying to backup DVDs put out by this one specific company, often the ripper (DVDD, Clone, Recode, VOBlanker, etc.) will encounter an unresolvable read error somewhere between 40-50% on DL discs.

Sometimes these discs will play in a set-top player, w/some skipping/freezing at the problem area, and then may continue w/out incident. Or, I’ve had one or two that completely freeze the player, and require an eject to resolve.

My conclusion is that this company often issues extraordinarily poorly mastered discs, rather than it being any new attempt at copy protection. But while there may be just a momentary interruption in viewing on a set-top player, the effect is that is brings rippers to their knees.

Before you ask, yes, I’ve tried cleaning several times, and I have four different brands of burners in my system that I try the discs in. I use my Lite-on generally because it’s the fastest ripper, but it sometimes has problems w/damaged discs. When that happens, I go to my BenQ or LG–and if they can’t extract an image, nothing can (that I know of).

I’ve gotten pretty good at burning in general, and rarely burn coasters anymore, but I’m aware that many of you possess very arcane and intimate knowledge of the structure of DVD video files that far exceeds my own, and there is probably a way around this. I just don’t know what it is. If any of you have advice, or can point me in the right direction–a program to use, a guide to read, anything–I would be grateful.


Thanks for the info. I found the big thread on RipIt4Me and read thru it. Someone pointed out that AnyDVD has the FixVTS app that RipIt4Me also uses (acessible by right-clicking on the little fox and choosing “Rip Video-DVD to hard disk”, I assume?).

Maybe I was reading the thread wrong, but it seems, for the problem I mentioned above, that FixVTS is the actual component I would need to get those wonky discs I mentioned to rip, is that right? If so, I’ve already tried w/the version that comes w/AnyDVD, unsuccessfully, unfortunately.

Or am I just completely wrong, and RipIt4Me along w/FixVTS will somehow manage to rip those wonky DVDs?

Maybe if you gave us the name of the company/films, someone here may have ripped it successfully and be able to give you some advice. :slight_smile:

Well… this being a family site, I probably should not be too specific in open forum, which is why I didn’t mention initially. Let’s just say that anyone familiar w/the old Monty Python sketch–Eric Idle’s “wink, wink, nudge, nudge” character would very likely enjoy these movies. :wink:

On the up-side, I had one of those stubborn discs last night that choked DVDD at 50%–“unrecoverable read error”, or the like, so I installed RipIt4Me and FixVTS, and voila! The damn thing ripped all the way thru and created a nice ISO for me. Needless to say, I was impressed.

While on the subject, I’m beginning to wonder if these “read errors” are this company’s way of creating a sort of “poor man’s” copy protection, since they don’t usually use CSS (I assume they’d have to pay a licensing fee to use, yes?), or even RCE. I mean, if I wanted to thwart today’s rippers, I’d put some funky unreadable sectors somewhere near the end of the first layer–i.e. the middle of the disc–to totally hose the rippers. On a set-top player, you might see only a second or two of freezing/skipping/pixelation, and then the movie would continue on. But rippers could not handle it at all. And I wouldn’t have to pay a cent to Macrovision.

Now, you might say, “You’re out of your mind, Mencken. Why would anyone introduce skipping/freezing sectors?” I’d agree, this would be a dumb thing to do in a high-budget commercial film like LOTR or Ultraviolet, where the viewer expects perfection and high bit rates. But in the type of movies I’m referring to, remember, a couple of seconds of imperfection isn’t a big deal in the overall sense of the movie, if you catch my drift.

So what does everything think? Could this be a “poor man’s” copy protection approach? It has happened on enough of the movies from this particular company, at mostly the same place on the disc, that I have to wonder.

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