This is wierd (call of duty)

I have installed call of duty on my computer (I own the game) what I have found which is wierd is using gamespy to connect to multiplayer servers I can connect and play without the disc in my drive< I have no cracks or any add on . Just think this is wierd :confused:

Did u do a full install? Counter-Strike is the same way, large online games usually do full install so there isn’t lag

a full install doesn’t automatically mean the game doesn’t have a cd check. practically all games only do full installs now, but still check for the original cd at least on startup.

i’m guessing the game still requires the cd when starting it up normally?

Yes I did a full install it is just for multiplayer not for single as you need the disc for single player still :cool:

i’m guessing u don’t need the cd for multiplayer cuz u need a valid cd key anyway, which u can only get from buying the game, while for singleplayer the cd key can’t really be checked for validity, so a cd check is required.

I do not input any cd-key into the game while playing multiplayer as this has already been stored at install I am quessing,as you stated though for single you need the disc. :cool:

obviously u wouldn’t need to input the cd key each time u wanted to play multiplayer, which would be ridiculous. my point is that the stored key will be checked each time u connect.

Activision does this most of the time with there games.
Soldier of Fortune 2, Elite Force, and Call of Duty all need CD in drive when playing singleplayer game.
but playing these games online doesn’t require the CD in as the mutliplayer game uses the CD Key for authorization, just as AZImmortal stated.
i think Elite Force 2 is the same way.