This is why you should always have different drives in you PC!

I wanted to backup a movie for my girl. Both my Benq 1620 and my Philips 1648 were not able to rip faster than 1.7X. I just don’t know why???!!! It seems to be a regular DVDROM DL with absolutly no protection!!!
I tried my Liteon 1693S and it ripped as fast as 12X with absolutly no problem!!!

Are you sure DMA is set correctly?

Anyway, for some reasons --that I still don’t know yet-- on some “DVD-Video” those BenQs (1620/1640 based) would not read faster than 4x. In fact, when I made the Sony DRU-810A review, just found out that in the specifications:

Read performance:
DVD+R: 16X CAV (max.)
DVD-R: 16X CAV (max.)
DVD-ROM (single layer): 16X CAV (max.)
DVD-Video: 4x CAV

Is your firmware speed patched with MCSE’s “increase read speed” function?

Oh yes DMA is enabled!!! In fact My 1620 is my usual ripper so it is patched a long time ago!!! My 1648 doesnot need to be patched. It Reads DL medias at 12X. And I have already used it for that!!!
Right after I finally ripped with my Liteon, I tried to rip an other movie with my BenQ and it went fine!!! I just don’t know why this movie (Billy Elliot :wink: ) just can’t be ripped fast by a philips chipset!!!