This is weird problem wiv BF2

so i own the game etc, bla bla bla i have made a full image regardless of mini and created this image with alcohol 120 version 1.9.5 build 2802 so i then go and get anti-blaxx 1.6 and install mount the image with alcohol and play the game ha it even worked threw XFIRE (so i could join my buddies games with no hassels) unlike gamesjack thats what i hate about Gamesjack + u have to pay tp play (yea right)now it all worked and i was glad,so i rebooted and tryed agin and yes it was all good,

now the next day i turn it all on, do it again but no it wont play it it needs the dvd in the drive all of a sudden ,ummmmmmmmmm whats with that then sirs?

why doent antiblax bypass the safedisk anymore (isit that tho?) :sad:

i have also b4 this tryed out the wack gamesjack and uninstalled it but i see in a post earlyer with the guy explaining that he had to reinstall windows to remove the SecuROM ,could this have been any thing to do with the problem maybe and also what is SecuROM ?where does it live in windows?

3- now ive unistalled both alcohol and antiblaxx ,rebooted and reinstalled them both ,now when i redid alcohol i changed the bus names in expert setup (well just the numbers i changed to 999) and its working again ,im now just waiting to see if it doesnt work like the 1st time.

please still reply to this techheads ,

come on heads you stuck? please please reply