This is the new logo of Microsoft’s new browser that replaces Internet Explorer



We’ve just posted the following news: This is the new logo of Microsoft’s new browser that replaces Internet Explorer[newsimage][/newsimage]

Microsoft’s new browser Edge, previously known as Spartan, will get an icon that is similar to Internet Explorer’s blue “e”.

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This looks so much like IE’s slash “e” logo it’s pathetic!
What was the point in dumping IE unless you’re going for a whole new browser look and feel!!!


It’s about what I expected from Microsoft… flat, ugly, and with few enough colors to be rendered reasonably well on an early 90’s computer. I’m sure those old EGA displays will render the image quite nicely.

I guess we can expect “Edge” to be flat and ugly as well.


That is a bit strange looking.

Sort of a cross between the old logo and “Sonic the Hedgehog”. :bigsmile:



Sonic the web browser. :slight_smile:


Sonic … with a mullet?Â


The best place for the new logo would be [B]tattooed on Bill Gates arse[/B] .

I rarely use IE any more. I stopped after their big security problem.
I keep it updated as I understand Windows Update uses IE for doing updates.
So having a new browser name or logo isn’t going to get me to use IE again.


It looks like a new smiley emoticon. :iagree:


I’m actually browsing this with ‘Edge’.
While the icon for ‘edge’ is a bit, well, boring. The Edge browser is quite nice, and very fast.
However, I get the feeling that ‘Edge’ is not a finished product yet. :slight_smile: