This is odd (dvdshrink/anydvd) error

Ok, when I have been using dvd shrink on the last several dvd’s I get a memory error and it says memory low, storage unavailable…something like that…My memory is 1GB, HDD space over 100GB. Why is this happening?? I never really had this problem generally in the past. The computer seems to have NO memory problems/slow when running multiple applications until I get that error msg from DVD shink…

I could remember a similar error message from shrink, maybe it’s the same when you’ve a disc with a newer protection on it, what for a version of anydvd you’ve used?


Which is the 2nd to last version released…

I’m getting this message quite a bit recently with the memory issue :-\

Another thing what movie you’re tryin to backup?

Flight Plan

Now, one thing…Under Backup menu…Backup Options: Run backup in low priority mode…

A) low priority mode = not as good quality of a burn?

and B) if unchecked meaning its NOT on low priority mode…would that cause the error for memory?

Almost all recent burns/HDD ripped I have checked it to run in low priority mode…still with the memory error…also…after shutting shrink down, my computer has VERY slow response times with other programs…then after 5-10 mins the comp is back to normal speeds…

Do you had a look at this thread?
Some guys are reporting errors with anydvd in combination with shrink to backup
And for a) shouldn’t be the case, dito for b), but why just not tryin out. Do you’ve some antivirus and firewalls running in the background while you’re makin a backup?

Usually the antivirus and firewall are both running. I tried it would and without low priority checked and I’m getting the problem regardless. I tried burning the dvd to the HDD with clonedvd2…worked fine. Odd.

If you use dvddecrypter to rip then run that through voblanker to correct some proglems thennnn use shrink I think you will fine the memory problem gone. The newer protections introduce errors that require voblanker to fix.

i find i get that when the menu structure is very complex, like some have games in the menu. try movie only.

also try the latest anydvd or dvdfab decrypter. i think it may be to do with the incorrect rearranging of vob/ifos with shrink, new dvdfab just got released to fix that.

I had the same problem with Flight Plan and The Underclassman. Shrink said out of memory. I used Clonedvd2 with anydvd and had no problems. After I got a good backup, i ran it through shrink and didnt have the problem anymore. So the clonedvd2 and anydvd removed the problem area’s.

AnyDVD has compatibility problems with DVD Shrink/Nero Recode, it’s not an issue of your computer.

Yes - CloneDVD2 is able to handle the issues left behind by AnyDVD on certain newer titles. DVDShrink is not able to handle those issues. Take note of the messages in the final processing block of CloneDVD2 to see what it identifies and handles.

I could have sworn I posted in here already, but here goes:


That’s the solution to this 99% of the time.

Just open “My Computer”, then open the DVD drive, then drag the VIDEO_TS folder to your desktop. Open it from there with Shrink and BINGO it works.

When the disc is very complex (or with some new protections) the inadequacies of the Shrink ripping engine really become evident. Slysoft attempts to work around these bugs as often and as quickly as they can… but it’s secondary to making sure the ripping always works! :wink:

So give that a try!

I was also just made aware that Recode has reading options, and that you can select between “sector” mode and “filesystem” mode, and that putting it on “filesystem” ALSO fixes this problem! Shrink, sadly, does not have this option available!