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Read here before posting: Forum posting guidelines

EDIT by DrageMester:

This sub-forum is for posting scan results or links to scan results only!

Here are the most important points from the Forum posting guidelines:

Find the right thread for your scans, or create a new one if none exists.
The threads are named after media maker and disc type (DVD+R, DVD-R, DVD+R DL, DVD-R DL, etc.).
Example: Taiyo Yuden DVD+R

Modify the subject line to include media maker, rated speed, type, and the actual burn speed.
Example: Taiyo Yuden 8x DVD+R burned at 12x

First line of the post must include the drive model and firmware, and the size of the burn in MB or GB.
Example: NEC ND-3500AG 2.1B, 4482 MB burned to disc

You can add additional information to the subject line and first line, but they must at least contain the information described above!

The brand the media was sold under and the MID (Manufacturer IDentification) should be included in the post.
Other information such as country of origin (e.g. Made in Japan) or batch/lot number can be included if you think it matters.
Example: TDK ScratchProof 8x DVD-R (TTH01)
Example: HP 8x DVD-R (CMC MAG. AE1) Made in Taiwan by CMC
Plextor branded Taiyo Yuden 16x DVD+R (YUDEN000 T03) TH001330

Please only post scan(s) for a single disc per post.
If you have scans for multiple discs, please make multiple posts.

Note: Posts that have insufficient information may be deleted or moved.

[*] The exception to the rule is, that you may post in any of the open sticky threads listed at the top of the forum, if you have some comment or question relevant for that thread.

I put this here for future reference/linking :wink:

There have been too many posts in this section that don’t follow the guidelines or start discussions.

Here are the most important points:

[B]1.[/B] Only [B]one[/B] disc result per post (several scans of the same disc are welcome, though)
[B]2.[/B] The [B]subject [/B]of your post must include the [B]media maker[/B] and the media maker’s [B]speed rating[/B] and the [B]speed it was burned at.[/B]
[B]3.[/B] The [B]first line[/B] in the post must include the [B]drive model[/B] used for burning, and [B]firmware version[/B]. Also the size of the burn in Mb or Gb.
[B]4.[/B] You must mention the[B] brand and the model[/B] under which the disc is sold.

Thanks for your contribution :slight_smile: