This is my last chance saloon!

Hi all,
I will ask you to bear with me as I am a complete PC novice,but here is my problem:
I own a HP Pavilion which I mainly use for gaming etc.It’s been great for 18 months but whenever I try to install a game which is a PC-DVD ROM I get no response from my machine other than a faint clicking sound from the disc drive.I have contacted HP and the game makers,both of whom told me I needed a firmware update for my machine (??).
The drives on my PC are as follows:
However,whenever I find firmware updates and download them I get a window telling me that my machine is not configured for these drives and I do not need to update!
I have no such problems installing games on PC-CD ROM.
Hoping someone out there can help.

yes, a firmware update should be your 1st step. the dvd rom is an LG [among others]. firmware @
for your liteon >