This is more a general dvd playback question

not sure where else to put this. ive noticed some widescreen titles that are supposidly made to fit my wide screen tv have both sides croped off (right side more than left) on playback with several different dvd players. it seems more pronounced with having progressive scan on. its not the tv or the dvd players as ive tried several. is this just a bad dvd production issue? all the james bond dvd collection dvds seem to have this issue. is there any way with software to resize the picture? on a computer of course you can see the whole picture.

Found out my problem was the tv…once i got into the control menu (by using the remote and mute and 182 then turning on the samsung tv) i resized the image and shifted the picture…it has nothing to do with the dvd or player. amazing on how off the settings were on that tv.