This is misleading I ask a question, have to register, and then the supposed answer to my question is no longer available for me to see. Such crap what kinda website is this?

I need a dvd hack code for my Philips HTS3357 DVD player. Can any one help??

First off, welcome to the forum. Have you tried putting ‘hack code Philips HTS3357 DVD’ into Google? I just did and found this: There were a bunch of other hits, but I’d start with the one.

PS: Sorry if you feel mis-led but to read a post you needn’t register. Only to write one.

Welcome to the forum. :slight_smile:

Once registered, you can always use the forum Search to find the answer again :wink:

Having said that: I’m guessing you’re after a hack to make it region-free?

If so, after a few seconds digging around, I found this:

  1. Open the tray.
  2. Press STOP
  3. Key 7 3 4 4 6 6 0 using the remote.
  4. Player should now be region free

I don’t own this machine, so can’t verify that it works.

EDIT: Haha, olyteddy beat me to the punch!