This is how to burn The Grudge (and probably others)

You’ll need 3 programs for burning. Before you start, get the following:



DVD Decrypter

AnyDVD strips the dvd you’re copying of all it’s copy-protection and
region-coding. After it’s installed you don’t have to do anything with it… as long as it’s running it works automatically in the background.

CloneDVD is what actually copies. The method I used was: when you start it,
there are 3 options: copy dvd titles (which by default only copies the main
movie, no extras), clone dvd (which copies everything, you’ll need a dual-layer dvd for that), and write existing data (used for burning, but I used dvd
decrypter for that). Choose “copy dvd titles”, then at the next screen choose your dvd drive from the pulldown menu. After a few seconds it’ll display all the tracks that’re on the dvd and start playing it in the little preview window. There’s a quality bar at the bottom… you can select more tracks to burn but the quality will go down once the size exceeds 4.7gb. For the Grudge, I could’ve burned the entire thing, extras and all, onto the one disc, but the quality would’ve been like 55% so I just did the main movie. Don’t worry about the little pulldown list beside the quality bar, and leave “preserve menus” unchecked (unless you’re copying the entire dvd). Click next, and from the next screen you can select or de-select which audio and subtitle tracks you want to keep. Click next, and from the next screen there are 3 buttons at the top: “dvd files”, “iso/udf image”, and “dvd writer”. I chose “iso/udf image”, which creates one single file approx 4gb in size containing the whole movie. In the “name” field type in the full path and filename (like c: emp\moviename.iso) and then whatever label you want the disc to have (I left it at the default). You also have to choose a temp directory for the files, but can chose to have them automatically deleted when it’s done creating the .iso file. Then just click on “go” and it’ll start copying onto the harddrive.

DVD Decrypter I used to burn the .iso file onto the blank disc. Make sure it’s
version you have. When you open it, 2 windows will open. Ignore the Log window but leave it open. In the “destination” pulldown, chose your dvd burner. Now, this next step you may not have to do, but I did it anyway just in case it was one of the problems I had yesterday where I wasted 5 blank dvd+r discs trying to burn it… click on “tools” then “drive” then “change book type”. Click on “lite-on” (the Sony drive isn’t actually made by Sony, it’s made by Liteon), then for “change for…” choose “next write”. Change “new setting” to “dvd-rom” then click “change”, the ok to close. Near the top of the window, the “source” area, click on the folder icon and chose the .iso file which you created with CloneDVD. Then, click on “file” and “write” and it’ll start burning the .iso onto the disk.

It’s as simple as that!

This has been discussed numerous times, and is nothing new.