This is how l backup my DVDs with DVD2one

l thought people might be interested in how l backup my movies using DVDdecrypter, DVD2one and Nero.
If any erros would you let me know.
This is good for the new comers to DVD backing up…


DVD2one version 1.13
DVD decrypter version or or
I’m using Shrek as the example movie.
Pioneer AO5P DVD-R.
Windows XP Professional OS.

DVD Decrypter
You will need to place the DVD into your burner.
Opening DVD decrypter, you must open the “Mode” and save the files into the
“file format”
The file will be automatically saved under the “C drive”
Press the “Decrypt” button and save just the movie only files to your HDD.
If you want to copy the whole disk then press the “Edit” and press “Select all”
Remember the more GB in size on the original disk, the more the quality of the movie will suffer. If the movie is more the 6.5 gig, l recommend only copying the movie.
But l will leave the choice up to you.
Shrek is only 3.981gig in size. If you wanted to copy the whole DVD the size is 7.394 gig
The movie took around 10 minutes to copy to the HDD, but you must remember that l am using the modified Pioneer firmware which allowed me to extract from 2.1x to up to 12x.
Remove original and place a blank into DVDR.

After extracting the DVD movie to the HDD, you must open DVD2one.
When it comes too the “Source”, you will find your movie under the C: drive
On your desktop, create a new folder called “shrek”,(Destination folder) open the folder and create 2 new folders called VIDEO TS and AUDIO TS (in capital letters)
( This must be in the above step, or your DVD wont work when placed into a player to view)
The “Source” file will be
C:\Documents and Settings\Shrek\Desktop\shrek\VIDEO TS
Make sure the copy mode is on “Movie only”
Click “next”
Make sure you click on the title you want processed, usually the largest file.
Under “Select audio and subtitle tracks you want to include”
Always tick “AC3 6ch English”
I don’t recommend subtitles to be added, if you want then click it and you will see why l don’t add them when you watch the movie.

Click “Start” and the way you go, remember this will compress your movie to 4.38 gig in size to fit 1 DVDR.

3rd and finally

Select DVD option of DVD-ROM (UDF/ISO) for best playback compatibility.
Multi session should be on “No multi session”
In ISO tab all should be un-ticked except “ISO level 2 (max of 31 characters)” and
ISO 9660
UDF should be set at 1.02 by default
For Label call it eg SHREK
Click the “NEW” button and drag and drop the AUDIO TS and VIDEO TS folders
(C:\Documents and Settings\Shrek\Desktop\shrek\VIDEO TS,) from right window (your HDD) to the left window (your DVD).
Select the red burn icon at top and burn away, speed of copying will depend on your disk being either 1x, 2x or 4x……
1x takes approximately 60 minutes, 2x takes approximately 30 minutess and
4x takes 15 minutes
remove disk when completed and watch your movie on your player.

easy wasn’t it???

I do it the same way … but in the end I choose “UDF” (1.02) instead of “UDF/ISO”. I never had playback problems … but I wonder what difference there is between my method and yours?

>> On your desktop, create a new folder called “shrek”, open the folder and create 2 new folders called VIDEO TS and AUDIO TS (in capital letters) <<

… Just thought I’d point out that I’ve never, ever had to make an AUDIO_TS folder.

Deciding not to include this folder makes no difference at all when it comes to using DVD2ONE to compress and Nero to burn.

I just expand the VIDEO_TS folder and drop all the contents to the left pane. Nero automatically sorts it out.

I’ve never had one duff burn yet ( … maybe I’ve been lucky) :slight_smile:


Hello Ken and Spacekiek

thanks for you info…

Spacekiek l have no idea what the difference wood be…Hopefully someone can help us.
And Ken thanks for the advice not adding the AUDIO TS folder, l will do that the next time l backup a new DVD movie.


I do everything the same, except with Nero I choose DVD-Video instead of DVD-ROM. I have been doing this for the last 2 years and have experienced no problems with playback on none of my machines. Are you saying that these discs I’ve made won’t playback on most other DVD players? Now I’m confused.


Hello Carlos

lm trying to find out myself more ways with Nero to see if they can be backed up in different settings, and so far l have had positive feedback…The last few Posts have given me positive feedback and l intend to try your ways of backing up my DVD movies.
Not all my DVD back ups work with all players that l have tried it with…So with the advice l have had, l will be backing up a little differently to see if l get more compatibilty with more DVD players.


I used to use Nero for the burn, but no matter what method
(UDF/ISO/Video etc) there were always problems with playback
on EVERY PLAYER even on dvd-rom(pc).
The playback problems were tricky to see with pc (in stand alone it was very obvious jumps in video), but on the pc it was just bad frames that you had to know exacly where to look to spot them.
I have used many versions of nero up to (give or take).
And then I used copytodvd and it works like a charm! no problems what-so-ever. So for DVD-video I recommend copytodvd using the burn dvdVideo option.
(not with the build in dvd2one option)

Well, I’m using Nero, and have never had any problems, and all sorts of players. There was a problem with DVD writing, that Ahead acknowleged and fixed, but I don’t remember what version that was fixed in.

Latest version of Nero works fine, the compliancy issue was fixed a few versions back.

Most players these days dont need the empty AUDIO_TS folder, but some older players wont play the disk(s) without it. IMO it’s worth adding it for good measure, especially if you intend to loan the DVDR’s to friends & family. It takes up virtually no space.

Thanx for this.



I don’t recommend subtitles to be added, if you want then click it and you will see why l don’t add them when you watch the movie.

I always select english subtitles, and have never noticed any problems because of it. What problems do you experience when you select subtitles to be kept?

Hello Lane03

when l add subtitles to the movie only and backup my DVD right?
When l play the backup on my player, l automatically get subtitles being displayed right from the start of the movie. But when l play the original movie in the same DVD player, subtitles dont show at all… l feel when you add them in DVD2one, the software (DVD2one)by default thinks that you want subtitles all the time…l asked Rene to add a feature in the full disk mode to remove adding subtitles aswell…

shrek :confused:


Hmmm, that is odd. I have never encountered that problem myself. When I have selected to include subitiles they aren’t turned on by default, only when I press the subtitle button on the remote do they appear.

Yes that has happened to me everytime l backup a full disk movie. And lve heard other people mention the same thing also