This is England - problem

I cannot get my Region 1 NTSC copy of This Is England to copy.
It takes over 10 minutes to analyze, then errors out after about 2 seconds of copying. That’s on my LG drive, on my NEC drive it won’t even analyze - it pops up a This is an Unknown DVD Structure info-submission form.

DVDFab version 4.030

None of the other freeware software I’ve tried work either.

The US version of this DVD is badly interlaced BTW - like they totally screwed up the authoring. This is a proper new copy bought from Amazon.

Hi smegpot and welcome to cdfreaks,

I’m guessing that you have PathPlayer set to [B]Enable PathPlayer when necessary[/B] which is the default setting.

Try [B]Always enable PathPlayer[/B]
If no luck, try [B]Disable PathPlayer[/B]

Exchanging the dvd probably won’t help, but it might be worth a shot.

You should also send the .IFO files to Fengtao.
At least you’ll get definitive info re: copy protection, etc.
Here’s how:

How to send us correct IFO files


Try maineman’s suggestions first, but if the problem persists you might try rolling back to DVDfab beta temporarily. I experienced a hang trying to backup Paprika (R1) with, but had no problem at all using beta. Many others are reporting similar hangs in