This is bad, isn't?

1st:MKM 001 @6× :coaster(lead-out)
2nd:YUDEN000T02 @12x: coaster(see image)

ps.lead-in sometimes takes 1 minute and a half to complete

conclusion: bad drive?

Power calibration error…
Check your power supply is enough or not first.

Taking 1 minute of Lead-in may be the AutoStrategy is set to on.

Run the self-test with recommended media.

400 watt Zalman :3× dvd-rw (ata66), 3× sata hdd, geforce 6600gt(extra 4 pin power supply)

First a sidenote.
Power calibration error while burning has nothing to do with compu’s PSU output/efficiency.

[I]Scheirmes,[/I] try to slow down burn speed (and burn at media “rated” speed) to start with.
Note. I’m not that familiar with Plextor drives and tools but running Q-check before burning might give you some guidelines.

Maybe it changes something when switching on/off PoweRec and Autostrategy.

I thought so 2 about PSU…

they burn fine @ “rated” speed,still …

I will get some 16× discs next week (mcc 004) and see how they burn