This is an invalid disc (80029906) on PS3



This is an invalid disc (80029906) on PS3

I burned with no problem a backup copy of my Eagle eye Blu-ray disc and gives me an invalid disc (80029906)
on PS3. I updated the Cyberlink PowerDVD on the computer because it did
not play the original at first but did after the update. So I go and copy it again
and I have the same problem. Googled the problem and all the I get is a patch for Roxio software. I have
Nero 8 and Cyberlink software’s.

Using Nero 8 to burn
Buffalo BR-816SU2 Media Station 8x External Blu-ray Writer
Sony Blu-ray Disc - 50GB 2X BD-R DL - Printable


The file can not be played on the PS3 is what that error code means. I would use Imgburn to read and write or CloneCD.