This is a strange dvd movie question

Hi all, I don’t know if I’m in the right forum to discuss this but I’ll throw it out here anyway, just feel free to move this thread in its proper place. Well, I just purchased this dvd movie for my kids and it’s called: Hotwheels World Race. I was intending to back this movie up, but then when I popped the original into my computer’s dvd player it can’t even play. I mean, whether I let the auto play nor press the play button to watch the movie it won’t load. It just says this message “No disc in drive D” (where drive D is the dvd player). This is the very first and only dvd movie that my dvd drive does not ever play or recognize (and it’s a fairly new released movie, too). However, in my home dvd player, it has no problem playing at all. I then returned the dvd movie at the store and got an exchange twice but with the same problem. I just thought maybe that somone might have had the same problem and might want to share any knowledge or solution and if any different computer dvd drive out there has the same problem. Thanks.

My system: sony dvd rw dru510 combo drive with newest firmware; cyberlink power dvd (program software to play dvd movies); windows xp home edition operating system; pentium4 2.6Ghz processor; asus p4c800 deluxe MOB; ati all-in-wonder 9700pro video card; creative audigy 2 zs sound card.

Try downlaoding anydvd to remove any protection it may have on it. From there you can see if it will then play.

Incidently what programs are you using to backup this disc?

I will be using dvd x copy platinum. Thanks for the response, I will try slysoft’s anydvd to decript and post my result as soon as I can.

If your getting “It just says this message “No disc in drive D” (where drive D is the dvd player).” error, I doubt anydvd will see it any more than Windows Explorer will. The latest DVD Decrypter has copy protection removal also and is free.