~ this idiot labelled all the company discs with marker pen ~

i’m looking at it right now some factory pressed disc and i have no idea if it’s marker pen or felt pen or proper cd marker pen but it sure as heck is permanent , i thought markers pens are prone to cause coating degradation in the long run and this idiot co-worker just wrote on all of it instead of using the stickies label we got for him.


this article here seems to also say that under heat the disc are certain to degrade to a damaging state.

so i just want to know how many ppl here actually labelled their disc and if any had had any problems in the past and so on.

thanks mates!

Most marker pens can be removed with alcohol.

In any case, only CDRs are prone to problems, and most marker pens don’t hurt them either. Heat can ruin [I]any[/I] CDR whether it’s marked on or not.

I’ve got 10 yr old CDRs marked with a sharpie and they are good as the day they were burned. Put it this way, a sticky label is more likely to ruin a CDR than a marker is.

Never had a problem with any marking pens, have had problems with sticky labels…

Yeah, what they ^^ said. Look here: http://club.myce.com/f33/sticky-paper-labels-dvd-r-discs-beware-173236/

thank you so much for the help!

what about the toxic of these marker/felt pens? they will absolutely not damage the discs right?

well i’ll be going back to work tomorrow since i have no say with the labels i’ll just put them on as instructed but if the manger asks me about those odd writing/markings i’ll just need to tell them everything you folks here have said and hope that he won’t ask me to get rid of it, in case that he does, i have bottles of volka in my apartment so would that be good enough to rub it out without the substances of the alcohol damaging the disc? (i mean volka is mild and all) or do i need to use another alcohol like gin or something?

thank you so very much for the help.

Isopropyl alcohol, (rubbing alcohol)