This guy ate glass in front of me!

The other evening I went to a sports bar with a few friends for some drinks. I’ve been to the bar a few times over the years and it has always been a wonderful “laid back” place. Well, this guy comes in very drunk. The bar refuses to serve him because he was intoxicated…the guy goes ape sh!t! He starts shouting obscenities and picks up peoples glasses and flings them across the room breaking against the wall. One almost hit my friend in the head. The bartender confronts the man and tells him to leave before the police show. The guy picks up another glass and bites a piece off, chews it up, swallows, sticks his bloody tongue out, then leaves! I think it will be some time before I go there again.

lol Those are the best kind of bars :bigsmile:

Sports bar …well! Wasn´t me then…:stuck_out_tongue: (tongue out to prove it!)

He didn´t spill YOUR drink did he?..The rotten scoundrel :eek:
May be a long time before he goes back there as well, so I wouldn´t worry too much :smiley:

LOL! Sounds like a quality night out :bigsmile: :wink:

LOL ! Are you sure you didn’t have some to drink ? Is this for real ? :slight_smile:

The drunken git will have a nasty surprise in the morning, assuming he is not sent to the hospital first…The bartender should have called the police, he should make sure wankers like that don’t set foot in the pub.

Oh COME ON guys!This is a normal Swedish Friday night out!

(:bigsmile: ,just kiddin´)

Me and Gene believes “glass” means “icecream”.

Only if it’s been melted & refrozen :stuck_out_tongue:

I hate that :stuck_out_tongue: