This government's gone mad!

It will be a cold day in hell b4 I vote for them. They make a policy then go back on it. But I’m sure they will still collect the taxes.

Looks like the riaa/mpaa not only control the usa government but now are gone worldwide. God it’s scarey thinking of them controlling the government/s.

they should shut down the entire internet, crash all PC,destroy TV and LCD/DLPprojectors burn books,close liteon industry, ask the taliban to take the white house or the canadian congress, cut hands of pirats, cut ears of teenagers, prohibid cars, prohibid music, film,ideas

any other ideas? oh, sorry, you ideas are not welcome here…:slight_smile:

What great news (rolls eyes). They are only doing what they have to do and I think we have to understand that.

When I was much younger people used to worry about what the Russians may do.

Now I am older and wiser I REALLY worry about what the Americans will do next in their march towards world domination.

It was was once said that the Russians would take over the world without a shot being fired. Seems they got that one wrong, it is the Americans with a few bullits, bombs, and making goverments change their laws to suit their evil ways here and there, scary stuff :frowning:

It seems that whilst they point their finger at everybody else, their shadow darkens another country :frowning:

What I don’t understand is that the whole internet thing is about sharing information. Just by going online, your computer is already sharing information with another computer.
How is this different from sharing particular files on p2p networks? Some shared information is legal and some aren’t in both cases. I just don’t see a difference other than a hypocrisy problem. Some people just want to control other people just because they have nothing else better to do. It’s all about money and power in the end. All governments are the same when you have corrupted officials in office. The lure of money and power makes people greedy as they enter office as well. I’m afraid that greed is a cycle that doesn’t end unless the human race is destroyed by extinction or something. Shouldn’t the government be concentrating on wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, etc… over p2p problems? What about unemployments, healthcare, education, international relations, etc…? Aren’t these more important than p2p problems? Hmm. I just don’t get it. Oh, and please don’t make arguments like these are totally different issues! Every issue in any shape or form has an underlying similarity if you think about it. All things in this world are connected on some level. People who argue differently are fools.

Maybe they will remove peoples brains because they store information from books, TV, CDs etc,etc,etc, it all copyrighted material after all and our brains do store it, and if I tell somebody else, that is sharing the information, scary stuff :slight_smile:

Come on, im not saying I agree with copyright laws, but saying that just because a government is cracking down on piracy is has “gone mad” and loads of pointless comments that have nothing to do with it.

Right… what has this got to do with it? Burn books, right… and I am sure they wish to “prohibid” music, film and ideas (which is there own industry, why would they ban there own industry?). We all know this isnt about world domination or anything like that, it is a business that wants to make money, and people downloading is costing them money, nothing else. Sure it kinda sucks if your into downloading, but please, shut up with useless, unconstructive arguments.

Tell Me, if you where them, would you sit back and watch your industry collapse, or would you do something about it?.

I am not sticking up for them, but get some proper arguments against what is happening (and there are many) rather than the crap that people have posted so far.

Ben :slight_smile:

ps. I know im gonna get flamed for this!


I understand why you guys would be upset but you have to understand that they deserve this… I know they overcharge and I know they piss people off. They are only protecting their property.

Well if you didnt see that one coming then you need a new pair of specs.

That’s very true. After people in different countries were getting DMCA notices and all that, you should have caught on :wink:

Now it’s just official.

This whole argument is such a paradox. The artists are supposedly losing money. True. Well, the artists would be nothing without their supporters. True. Where did they get that money from in the first place if not from their supporters? Is it “really their money” that their losing in the end? The people made the artists. The artists make their living from the people. Hmm! I see a connection that is prone to all sorts of open debates. Crap or no crap, everyone is going to interpret information differently. Therefore, arguments of all kind are bound to happen. The nature of the connection among riaa/mpaa, artists, and general public/supporters/nonsupporters, etc… is without a doubt a coexistence that can at times be volatile. God Bless America! One of the only few places in the world where people can openly argue and talk sh*t about their fellow men without being put to death for it. As long as America remains an open society when compared to other countries, you’ll get all sorts of arguments. Good or bad, that is the current situation.

Don’t people in Canada already pay a tax to the RIAA and MPAA on CDR’s and DVD’s? Wasn’t this tax supposed to cover the cost of copying copyrighted material?

Why is the RIAA complaining now?

You know what I would like to see? :bigsmile: How about the fact that at least 80% of all movie are :Z garbage. So what I would like to see is how can I get reimburse for my lost time and money for going to see or renting garbage movies? :confused:
Also lets not forget the fact that most of the garbage movies they use false advertisement to get you to watch them in the first place. :a

Yep, here we go with America bashing. I really hate the fact that over 80% of the countries on Earth benefit from my tax money and on top of that a great many want to kill me as I live in the United States. No I don’t agree with the RIAA. It is at best a cover for the fact that the industry can’t stop the real problem witch is mostly asian in origin. They sell bootlegs in the major stores there. cough cough China…
But to imply that the U.S. is bent on taking over the world because of the RIAA’s miguided bs is stupid. I’ll put in in language anyone can understand. If the governments that allow fakes stopped allowing them this would have never happened in the first place.
Lastly, if and when (like it will ever happen) your governments stop accepting any form of U.S. subsidies. This includes allowing trade deficits, dumping of goods, unfair taxes and any other form of what I like to call international wellfare, just shut up and be the good little moochers you are…
This diatribe of course is not directed at anyone who realizes that Americans are actually people that are ruled by the same thing that the rest of the world is actually governed by, MONEY and that the only reason we have it any better than anyone else is because we tolerate or at least used to tolerate a whole lot less crap from or government than most other countries do.
Heck the people in these countries that hate the U.S. are lucky that I’m not the president as I would have probably turned the middle east into a radioactive parking lot after 9-11 as a certain British social commentator suggest we should have.
Like I said before. Until you start paying you own way and protecting yourself. Shut Up.
As for the march towards…Towards?, That march was completed a long time ago by Americans far greater than me…

Wow I didn’t think we could have gotten a more stupid president then we have now but I stand corrected. :eek: :bigsmile:

What an appauling and disgusting thing to say.

“If ye love wealth greater than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest for freedom, go home and leave us in peace. We seek not your council nor your arms. Crouch down and lick the hand that feeds you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen.” --Samuel Adams

My president may be an idiot, but anyone who believes that makes me one is one moreso than either of us. /.