This forum's opinion on new DVD burner?

Hi all,
It was by reading the threads in this forum that I came to regard Verbies as the way to go for single and dual-layer burning. Now I stock up whenever I see a sale.

However, I’m thinking I’d like to replace my 3-year old BenQ 1621 burner, and I would like to know if there is anything approaching consensus on what make or model is the way to go. My BenQ is an external, and I’d like another external. Also, I don’t use my burner for anything other than burning, so I don’t need anyone to recommend a product due to superior read speeds, media playing stability, etc.

Thanks, and I hope I’m not starting any arguments. :wink:

Which ever one that comes out just after you buy one.

Try to find one that will do Quality scans with Nero CD/DVDSpeed or DVDInfoPro. To save you looking up at least one, the LG GSA-E60L external will not (but it is a good burner–supports bitsetting from DVDFab/VSO and the DLs all play on my standalone).

Don’t worry you are not starting any arguments but you are posting in the wrong sub-forum:iagree: I think you might get better responces here. Just a suggestion mind you.:slight_smile:

Jeez, I don’t know how I missed seeing that sub. Are you able to move the thread Alan?