This forum sucks!

I post a need for help. I get no response. Thanks from all of you wizards. :clap:

Thanks for your input.
You posted your request for help today. It’s Sunday, maybe people are not here just to answer your questions. Have some patience.
Having said that, you probably just blew any chance you had of getting help from any members by your remark above.

hmm, i would have expected more courtesy from you considering that you have joined more than 1 1/2 years ago. but with only 10 posts since then, you have obviously not familiarized yourself with the etiquette of this (or any) forum(s). :rolleyes:

from my personal experience, this is one of the best forums around (and i’m a member of about a dozen (!) forums) with active members all over the world ready to help! it might take a few days, but responses were always plenty!

you might be in a situation where you need an answer “mucho pronto,” but your inappropriate tone will definitely not help to get any response any faster!


OK, fair enough. My apologies! You are correct, my urgency/frustration is no one elses problem but my own.

Patience is a virtue :wink:

I accept your apology now how can I help you.

Thank you alan1476. I have tried everything available thus far on Liggy and Dee’s site relative to changing the bootcode on my NEC 6750A and then flashing the FW. I just completed changing the bootcode from Master to Slave. I cannot now flash ANY of the FW’s that are available. I only see the bootcode version of 0.05 on Infotool. I am trying to get the NEC 6750 to function in a Toshiba A85 series laptop. I’m growing somewhat impatient with the drive now.

Your question is very vague try to explain exactly what are you trying to do if people in this forum understand your question clearly then they would be in the position to give you sound advise.

I’m in PM/mail contact with LPsage already. So I know some more details of what’s going on and we’re trying to fix it.

I can probably soon publish master/slave changer software for Windows and a new Binflash version. But we first need to get some more testing done.