This Forum needs TOOLS & UTILITIES!

First off, Thanks - we really did need a BenQ Forum !!!

What we need:

  1. CVT Files (Binary dumps of firmware).
  2. Extract Program (Create CVT files).
  3. Windows Flasher (CVT Selectable).
  4. DOS Flasher using IDE addressing (recover dead drives).

There are some CVTs floating around but are hard to find. There is a Windows Selectable Flasher. DOS Flasher ? Extract Program ?

Let’s pool our brain power and see if we can find some or all of these items.

Some tools are available here:

windows flasher and 3 *.cvt files

We really need a fw dump tool and a dos flasher.

I Believe Philips has a dos flasher somewhere, can’t they be patched?

Ok I found a Link to a dos Flasher for CVT files haven’t tried it yet, I thinks it needs a Hack.

Flashhp.exe is in the exe :slight_smile: I let you know if it works

The flasher said it’s not a philipsdrive, so that’s whats needs to be hacked, anyone?

Up to now, the ONLY one so-called "fw dump tool " I use is Hex Workshop!

You just peek into the *.exe flash programs,
extract 2048KBytes from the programs and save as, say *.bin,
then, most important, ADD .CVT Header ( 36 Bytes ) to the *.bin,
and the checksum ( 4 Bytes ) to the end of the *.bin file,
then, rename it to *.CVT,
then you’ve Got it!

This method can be only applied to those firmwares before B2I7 and B3D7.

As for those FWs after the above two,
BenQ has EnCrypted the FW, and it’s hard to be extracted, but NOT Impossible.

I used SoftIce, found that is was devided into 0x80h pages, 0x4000h Bytes per page.

Then, use some memory dump utility to dump all these pages and then combine all of them into one *.bin file.
After that, as before, add Headers and checksum to the *.bin files to make *.CVT files
But, these *.CVT files have not been tested…

Yes, there indeed is a DOS Flasher.
Come with the package of Philips 8301 Flash Disk, for HP 300c OEM Model,
You can download it from below…

But, maybe it will also check for HP DVD-Writer… :a

Didn’t see it so just adding it to the tools list. The original B3BC firmware for the BenQ DW822a (found on www thanks to original poster)

I had been looking for this at one time.

I have been searching for a tool that can extract the currently installed firmware from Philips/BenQ DVD writers, preferably into CVT format. This is primarily for backup purposes, as I do not have CVTs for the installed firmware revision in some cases.

The DOS and Windows flashers can do flash updates, but not backup current firmware.

The drives in my case are Phliips DVD8301, DVD8401 and DVD8421.

Hey runner your attachment is passworded… Can pass me the password? It there any way to patch the fw for HP DVD 400i to Benq 800

The password is