This forum is a joke

I talk about dl cd images and you automatically think its an illegal image…

im outta here

ok, i havnt read all your posts, but from what i have read you mentioned downloading cd/dvd images. however this isnt allways illegal, as there are plenty of legal cd/dvd images about (for example linux distributions). if you where mis-understood, and didnt do anything illegal, i suggest you pm a admin (preferable G@M3FR3@K as he is the one that deleted the posts)


ben :slight_smile:

ps. i am speaking for myself, not for the cdfreaks forum.

hmm, i always thought a joke was something like…

The pope and a lawyer are on the elevator to heaven. When they arrive at the gates, there’s a mad rush of angels, saints, and other holy people on their way to greet them.
They pick the lawyer up on their shoulders and carry him off cheering hysterically. The pope is deeply saddened.

St. Peter sees this and goes over to him and says, “Don’t feel bad. We get popes in here all the time, it’s not every day we get a lawyer.”