This drive is One thing I CANNOT get to workk! I need help!



Hello CD Freaks!

I have a Phillips DVD±RW DVD8631 burner. Default scenario-- it worked for a while, then the pc stopped detecting the burner. And now it doesnt detect even the CD content. Some details follow:

I removed the DVD drive from the secondary IDE Channel to install a secondary HDD in its place. Now, the dvd drive is connected to the computer through a USB 2.0 cable and has external power source.

I uninstalled and reinstalled the drive when it wouldnt burn, and now, it doesnt even detect the pathway to the drive when i connect to it or try to explore its contents. Error message says “drive F:\ is an invalid pathway…it could not be found on the HD…”

The device manager detects the drive though. so does the rest of the computer…just that i cannot access it.

Please help people!

Thanks in advance!