This disck cannot be ripped yet



Love this Blu-Ray ripping program. It truly is the best but I am noticing something. Several disks I have give me the message “This disc can not be ripped yet, we will fix it as soon as possible, Please try again later.”

Two examples are “Sucker Punch” and “Planes”. I have others but I don’t want to dig them out. These are not new movies so I am surprised there is not yet a fix.

Any idea of when these will be addressed?

I am using IdealMediaSolution 5.2.2



Sorry for this issue, we indeed haven’t got the decryption keys for some discs. For your issue, please click the wheel button at the top right of Ideal Media Solution and left click ‘Export Log’ to export the log file to our support team for checking.

You also can access our forum on to submit your questions.