"This disc cannot be played in your region"

I’ve been using a Panasonic DMR-ES40V VCR/DVD Recorder Combo to transfer old video tape footage to DVDs. I’ve done at least a few dozen so far without problems until now. Now the unit will not play any of my DVDs, giving me the message “This disc cannot be played in your region”. This is also the message I’m now getting if I put a regular disc in the unit (for example a movie from Netflix), or a disc that the unit itself has already recorded and finalized. In fact, I can record on the unit and finalize and then it immediately gives me the message for it’s own finalized DVD. However, I can play the finalized disc on any of my other DVD players. Apparently my recording functions work okay but something is wrong with the player function. I’ve reset the unit but still same problem. I’m using DVD-R discs and have had no problem with them before on this same unit. Is there a setting that I’ve set wrong? Has anyone else had this problem?

Welcome to the forum, what software are you using to back up your dvd’s with?

Here are some workarounds for DMR-ES40V design flaws/bugs:

RATINGS AND PASSWORD WORKAROUND. Once my DMR-ES40V changed it’s viewer ratings on its own, locking up the machine so that it would not play any DVD. It gave an error message. The DMR-ES40V had reset the “rating” by itself to a low number (1 or 2) that is very restrictive. When I attempted to change the “rating” back to the “8” default (in the FUNCTIONS, OTHER FUNCTIONS, SETUP, DISC, SETTINGS FOR PLAYBACK, RATINGS) I was asked for my password. I was the only user of this machine and I had never set a password. Nothing I tried would allow me to use the machine. Here is the workaround Panasonic gave me: Power unit on. Open DVD tray. Press and hold REC and PLAY on the machine for over 5 seconds. If done correctly the DVD tray will remain open. The ratings password setting will return to the default (no password). The rating will return to the “8” default.

EARLY A.M. SCHEDULED RECORDING WORKAROUND. Schedule a brief recording beginning shortly before midnight, say 11:59 p.m., and ending shortly after midnight, say 12:01 a.m., AHEAD of any timer scheduled recording in the wee hours.

DAILY OR WEEKLY SCHEDULED RECORDING WORKAROUND. Timer scheduling of weekly or daily programs (say Monday-Friday programs, every Tuesday programs, & etc.) is unreliable with a DMR-ES40V. USE ACTUAL DATES WHEN SCHEDULING ALL PROGRAMS.

CRASHING. My DMR-ES40V crashed often, especially when attempting to finalize its own discs (ruining them). I soon learned that it was always better to finalize its discs on my other Panasonic models. The machine regularly needed to be unplugged from the power strip in order to regain its control.

Despite the DMR-ES40V design flaws (uncorrected by the firmware update) I continued to purchase other Panasonic models including: DMR-ES30V, DMR-ES35V, DMR-ES15 and DMR-EZ17. With extensive use of these other Panasonics I deem these to be very reliable products.

Our DMR-ES40V is now primarily used as a VHS/DVD [I]player[/I].

Thanks for the replies. I’m not using any software, just dubbing from VHS to DVD on the same unit. I tried resetting “ratings” as advised and that made no difference but I noticed one of the options was to reset everything to original default and that fixed my problem. Thanks for the help.

This is really strange. I got this same error message on the same unit today. I searched it online to see if anyone knew an answer and found your question. I had tried adjusting the rating, etc. with no luck but tried the ‘reset to original’ as you said and it fixed mine also.

Weird how it happened around the same time as yours. I had also noticed that the clock kept resetting on its own.

I also have a DMR-ES40V that just started displaying “This disc cannot be played in your region” for every DVD and DVD-R I try to play, including both region 1 and ALL discs that are known good.

The deck is mainly used by my wife for playing commercial DVDs and occasionally recording TV shows on VHS. She only started complaining a few days ago, but I don’t have an exact date.

I haven’t looked at the ratings setting. VHS tapes seem to work. I don’t think we’ve ever recorded a DVD-R on it; I use the PC for that.

Three decks acting up in the same week has to be more than coincidence, but I haven’t seen any information on other websites yet. I’ll keep looking and visit back here again.

I tried the menu option to reset the unit to the original configuration and it seems to work fine now. My wife said she did that earlier and it didn’t help her. Maybe the difference is I disconnected the power in the meantime. Anyway, it’s fixed now.

It’s the beginning of a year…maybe it has to do something with that. I’m just glad it was nothing more than that and the reset fixed it.