This device cannot start. (Code 10)

hi ,

i just found this form when i was googling about "This device cannot start. (Code 10) " … & i hope some one could save me before i went to one of those fancy back up $hops out there …

it all begin when i disconnected my USB hard disk & connect a flash memory …then disconnected it , and restart my pc … and connect the USB hard disk … and " windows found a new device " … " USB mass storage device " … "your hardware may not work probably … " .

went to the device manger and got a yellow shaded strip over " USB mass storage device " …

things i’ve try ( and didn’t work ) :-

  • system restore .

  • change the USB cable with a new one .

  • tried to connect the hard disk to another computer ( actually they’re 3 ! )

  • uninstall the driver and get into the safe mode trying to install it ( i thought that windows pick the wrong driver so by uninstalling it and restart it well get the right driver )

win xp sp 2 , p4 1.7

There are a couple of known issues with xp sp2 and usb. You can try to reinstall the usb device drivers ( for the usb device itsself )
You can also try one of the following KB articles.;en-us;870893&Product=windowsxpsp2;en-us;873169&Product=windowsxpsp2

Good luck!