This could be the year for copyright to fight back

I just posted the article This could be the year for copyright to fight back. has an article about how copyright holders could fight back this year. Having lost the control because of filesharing networks on the internet the past year, this might be the…

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70 years after the author is dead? what’s the point of that? is money so important to them that they don’t want anyone using their intellectual property even after they are dead? what do i care? i have two copies of Lord Of The Rings on VHS sitting beside my desk. i’m gonna go sell em for $7 each.

Boycott the RIAA

It’s a nice idea, but a tad utopian for the U.S. Congress and music’s international oligopoly. What’s the point of extending copyright protection anyway? Not to encourage generation of artistic works! It’s impossible to create when you’re dead. Instead, the purpose is solely to preserve business conditions for companies that sell artistic works. If they’re going to these lengths to preserve the status quo, they won’t drop prices unless there’s NO alternative. Instead, they’ll sue and jail to keep a hammerlock on the products consumers want. That’s the problem when courts don’t protect the interests of consumers against corporations. All the power is on one side.

RIAA gets it’s money from various media organizations correct? And they get their $$ from the media they produce. So if everyone pirates everything, the RIAA goes broke! :4

Actually, many of us work for their own companies. The point is we earn money from it. And business has to earn as well. It’s a cycle guys. I do sometimes use free software but I sometime will buy them when they are really good. If you support business, you’re supporting yourselves. A business grows will bring in more job opportunity. It’s like a food-chain.

Axia: that is really not a nice thing to do and is definatly not leet to sell other ppls stuff. one thing to share but to benfit finacially from someone elses work is just wrong!!!

I agree with StrooperMan. Deliberately copying stuff to sell it to make a profit from work that you did not do and put no effort into doing is wrong.

Silly Capitalist Pigs! They will never stop the Evil doers of the file-sharing world.