This check out ok (Benq 1620)

Does this look ok? Seems to take forever with a 16x burn.

Nero CD Speed Test results

General Information

Operating System Windows XP
Drive BENQ DVD DD DW1620
Firmware Version B7V9
Serial Number
Disc DVD+R
Capacity 4.38 GB

Transfer Rate

Start 3.41x
End 8.32x
Average 6.23x
Type CAV

Seek Times

Random 102 ms
1/3 117 ms
Full 172 ms

CPU Usage

1X 6 %
2X 12 %
4X 23 %
8X 45 %


Burst Rate 24527 KB/sec

Spin Up/Down Times

Spin Up Time 3.53 sec
Spin Down Time 2.03 sec

Load/Eject Times

Load Time 1.34 sec
Eject Time 12.51 sec
Recognition Time 9.20 sec


Time Elapsed Action
[21:47:00] Creating Data Disc
[21:52:55] 5:58 Speed:6-16 X CAV (11.59 X average)
[21:53:21] Starting Transfer Rate Test
[22:02:57] 9:37 Speed:3-8 X CAV (6.23 X average)
[22:02:57] Starting Seek Times Test
[22:03:08] Random Seek: 102 ms
[22:03:20] 1/3 Seek: 117 ms
[22:03:37] 0:40 Full Seek: 172 ms
[22:03:37] Starting CPU Usage Test
[22:03:52] CPU usage at 1X: 6 %
[22:04:07] CPU usage at 2X: 12 %
[22:04:23] CPU usage at 4X: 23 %
[22:04:38] 1:01 CPU usage at 8X: 45 %
[22:04:38] Starting Burst Rate Test
[22:04:40] 0:02 Interface burst rate: 24 MB/sec (24527 KB/sec)
[22:04:40] Starting Spin-Up/Down Test
[22:04:46] Spin-up time: 3.53 seconds
[22:04:58] 0:18 Spin-down time: 2.03 seconds
[22:04:58] Starting Load/Eject Test
[22:05:11] Eject time: 12.51 seconds
[22:05:12] Load time: 1.34 seconds
[22:05:21] 0:23 Recognition time: 9.20 seconds

5:58 seems to be a reasonable time. Try disabling WOPC if you really want to get crowned for the fastest burn at CDFreaks. Right now with the new LG drives out there it’s a bit hard though…:frowning:

I don’t mean to steal this thread but…

I have a bulk 1620, flashed to B7T9…and when I open QSuite it says: “This drive or firmware is not supported by QSuite, please read the Help/FAQ file”

So how can I toggle the WOPC setting on my drive?

Also, should I check “Optimize for CAV drives” in DiscJuggler?

Thanks in advance CDFreaks!

Clik OK and then clik on the drop down box as your Benq is probably slave on the IDE channel.

now back to our regularly scheduled thread.

That’s because as it tells you, B7T9 is not supported by QSuite. Next time you could try the search function first…:slight_smile:

I think Qsuite only works with Firmware B7U9 and later.

You will have to flash your B7T9 to a newer version to use Qsuite.

EDIT: OOPs, sorry. i see this was already stated :o