This CD-RW Drive Hates CD-RW Discs

OS is WIN98 SE.

I’ve got a one month old 12x10x32x Lite-On
drive. Any no-name “sweep’em off the floor”
CD-R disc will burn successfully. No problems
at all.

I formatted the junk CD-RW discs that came
with the drive, as well as high quality, triple
shrink wrapped discs, (Samsung, etc). The
results are horrendous.

When I close the tray door the disc takes 20
or more seconds to spin-up. Opening any file
is almost impossible. If a file does open, it
takes a really long time. Copying and deleting
data usually brings up boxes that say stuff
like, “this file cannot be moved, deleted, etc”.
The motor of the drive constantly spins up
and down, producing a sickly whining sound.
Ejecting the disc is the final trip into hell.
Using the eject command from the drive
letter context menu doesn’t work. Hitting
the eject button didn’t work either. I created
a powerful batch file that keeps firing EJECT
commands at the drive. After several up and
down spins the disc will ultimately eject!!

I’ve been through three different burning
packages that have a formatting app. Nero,
Easy CD Creator, and VOB Instant CD+DVD.

I tried to purchase Ricoh discs, since Lite-On
told me that this brand was their number
one choice for this model drive. Unfortunately,
Ricoh discs are no longer sold in North
America! At least that’s what a representative
of the company said.

What I can’t figure out is why does this drive
perform flawlessly with the cheapest CD-R
discs. If the drive was physically damaged
in some way, this would be impossible.


I have the same exact burner as you. and I’ve had no problems burning CDRW’s. Sounds like your drive is broken or something.

What firmware version do you have? Check to make sure you have the latest.

Lite-On does have a web site, so check it for updates.

google search the site because I don’t know where it is.