This can't be good behavior right?

I have a DVR-109 and Fuji branded, TYG02 DVD+R media that’s listed at 8x.

When burning with nero at 8x, the burner light repeatedly stops/blinks throughout the burn. The same isn’t true for CD-Rs. It probably does this 3-7 times through a single burn, depending on the amount burned to the disc.

Is this normal behavior? Or is the burn-proof scheme kicking in and am I getting bad burns.

If this is not normal behavior, any idea what could be causing it?

Seems like I have the best/favorite DVD+R media to use with this burner, and I updated to firmware 1.57

I have a new Pioneer DVR-110D and i’m getting these small blinks/pauses on the activity light as well when burning stuff.

Its only like half a second blink/pause and also on Nero it states the recorder buffer level dropping down to like 10% then back up to 99% whenever these blinks occur.

The resulting discs seem readable but the blinks and drop in buffer level are kinda worrying. :confused:

Could be it changing speed.

Forgot to add that im burning at 4X on 4X discs. Need to get my hands on some faster media.

The 109 has a bad habit of changing speeds alot! I love my 109 but my NECs and Aopens don’t do this. My Plex always slows down at the end. As long as you get good burns that is ok! Burn at 8x with 8x media and it will be much better. :clap:

“Is this normal behavior?”

Yes it is. All DVD burners do that I think. If I remember well it’s something to do with the laser power management :confused:

In the first place it’s most likely the type of burning used.
There are few ones with big differences:

The next possible thing is one of various implemented “burning speed & quality enhancements”. They are named all different but mostly do the same: checking burning quality and adjusting if necessary.