This bootcode will not work with your drive!

I get this message when trying to set the bootcode to master using Bootflash on a Dell 6650a DVD drive.

It will let me set it to slave but I cannot now set it back. Has anyone else used the Master app for the 6650 that can confirm that it is working?

Or is there a way you can force it to apply the bootcode?

Thanks in advance.

Have you read the warning at the site where you have the tool gotten from?

Maybe you can use an slimtype adaptor to bring your drive back to life and to the right firmware.

Yeah i have. It was not clear that the difference between the 2* firmwares and the 1* firmwares is master slave… However I had miss read the need to switch from master to slave as being a part of the pocess and that i how it came to be set to slave rather then the 2* firmware.

I have the drive plugged into a desktop PC but it still does not want to switch back. (it is the Desktop that i am getting the message through)

I don’t understand why this is not fixable. Master boot app is supposed to switch the drive to master but it comes up with the message above. Surely it is not working then?


OK got this sorted. I found that I could flash the ND6650 OEM Firmware 1.5A with a warning but it got it back to master and I could then flash it with the firmware I wanted.


How do you flash the drive with 1.5A ?
I use NECWinFlash.exe, but i have an error message and cannot flash the drive…

I have try the “NEC ND6650A Normal ATA firmware package” but it doesn’t work…

NEC DRIVE ND-6650A is NOT found.

Use the bootcode flasher first…

I then flashed with ND6650 OEM firmware 1.5A

Nety, could You tell us exactly what did You do and with which tools (versions)? Because i tried what You said and there is no possibility to update to 1.5a from slave boot code flasher

It is quite a while ago now. From memory I first ran NEC ND6650A Slave bootcode flasher
I then ran the NEC Bootcode flasher
and selected the ND6650 OEM firmware 1.5A
It came up with a message to say that I was more then likeley about to toast my drive if I continued. As I had already killed it I told it to continue anyway and it took it.
From there it was all down hill as it was now recognised as a Master again.

Do You remember what version of bootflash You used? ver 1.39 doesnt allow to do this

Wait…NEC bootcode flasher? not binflash? Is it this dos tool?

Let me clear this out. You got ND6650A. First You use slave bootcode flasher (6650slave.exe)- after that if is recognized as with firmware 0.06. Do You have to restart after that? Than You start BootFlash (v1.39 -winbootflash.exe), right? and choose to flash with 1.5A original firmware? Do You do it on PC(on secondary channel) or on Laptop?

I tried to BootFlash with it but it says its not for my drive and doesnt allow me to do it. Nec Normal ATA formware package (those dos files) doesnt recognize my drive and therefore i cannot reset to master again. I must add i do it on laptop and nero infotool tells me my HD is on primary channel master and that ND-6650A is on secondary IDE with DMA off and Autorun on. Last - my laptop: HP nc6000, maybe it has something to do with this problem.

Thats it - thats a detailed description of my problem, and for the cause: my stupidity, that bootcode flasher tool isnt described in much detailed what it does and as i see many people used it with ignorance. For me… i learned a lot, and it would be a better lesson for me if i managed to return drive to previous state. I could than write here detailed tutorial for this :wink:

damn, i tried almost al possibillity’s. but no resolt, i still have the same error message: found 0x3036, expected 0x3035. I have tried with binflash (GUI) etc. I will give up now, Windows vista is having problems, and i need to reinstall it. But no dvd drive. I think i will buy a new drive, because this one is dead. (the licht of the drive is still flashing, so i don’t it’s completly broken, just no way to put firmware 103d back. I have tried exactly what larusso describes above me)

0x3036 found means that your drive is currently running the Reverse ATA bootcode, expected 0x3035 means that you’re trying to flash a firmware with Binflash that requires the Normal ATA bootcode.

However the NEC ND6650A Master Bootcode Flasher should be able to change your bootcode back.

i have tried the nec nd6650a master bootcode flasher. it says, this will not work with your drive, so i can’t continue.

is it wise to buy a new dvdburner, or do u think this one still can be fixed???

If the light on your drive is still flashing and Windows is up, then why don’t you just flash the 2.03d slave firmware?

because with that firmware, my nec6650a can’t read my original dvd movies, and when i turn on my laptop, i get the warning that the drive is not reconized, and i should eject the drive and plug it in to be reconized. when i am in windows, the drive is also not to be found. But when i eject the drive, and put it back in, windows installs the drive, but it’s not working properly.

i tried the Nec Master Bootcode flasher, but it says it will not work with my drive. I can’t go to Dos, because i don’t have a diskdrive to boot to dos.

As long as the LED is still flashing, the drive is not broken. But I wonder why you get such a message. I think I should try to recreate the 6650 master bootcode flasher. I guess the “normal package” at the bottom of the 6650 page didn’t work either?

If you drop me a PM with your email address, I’ll try to send you an updated master bootcode flasher for this drive. (No GMail address please - they usually refuse my attachments)

no, the normal package didn’t worked either. i have send a pm. thnx for your help!@

I’m in the same situation as Ash969, but i could get to dos creating bootable usb pendrive. But those nec package doesn’t work with my drive either. :frowning: