This a good scan?

used coach carter with dvd shrink and dvd decrypter to burn

PI errors are a little high, but 97% is a good quality score!

Software is less important than the burner model name you used for burning and the speed you burnt the MCC02RG20 at.

i used my 1620 b7t9 at 8x could’ve oversped it to 12x but i didn’t want to.

btw what’s jitter?

(2) Generally, any distortion of a signal or image caused by poor synchronization.

Maybe Yamaha or Taiyo Yuden sites have better expanations.

Jitter is error in the signal caused by discrepencies in timing. Digital devices use a crystal oscillator to maintain proper timing, but these devices are not perfect. Jitter is how much difference there is in the timing from one pulse to the next.

burned with 120 b7t9 at 16x



Good burn checklist:

  • PIE max <280, the lower the better
  • PIF max < 16**, the lower the better
  • POF = 0
  • Jitter max < 12.5%, ECMA standard = 9% though.
  • Read Transfer Rate curve = smooth, no speed drop.

8ECC drives: BenQ/Philips/QSI/Pioneer/NEC: PIF max <16
1ECC drives: Plextor/BTC/LiteOn/NEC: PIF max<4


another one at 16x with wopc off the rest were with it on

To save your scans, use the little disk icon on the top right and save it as png.

I have to second that, jpegs are ugly, nice scans though

but the scans are nice right? lol is png bigger in size?

Smaller in file size, actually. And even smaller if CD-DVD Speed actually optimized the PNG output. Lossy compression (JPEG) is suitable for things that are naturally analog (music, photos) whereas things that are naturally digital (screenshots) are much better served by lossless compression.

And also, please do not set your CD-DVD Speed window so big! The default size for the CD-DVD Speed window should be used, not only for consistency, but also out of consideration for other forum members.

png … much smaller file size (than jpg) and you won’t need a 19" monitor to view your scans. jk :slight_smile:

ya mean dialup users?

i’m one of them hence the size question.

That and users with small screen resolutions.

ok will do thanks

but what bout the scans? good? PIEs aren’t too high?