Thirty Things I Have Learned at CDFreaks

I just thought it would be of interest to post some of the knowledge I have acquired from reading here at CDfreaks. Virtually none of this information was as easily found as here and, certainly, no other source is as reliable. I enjoy computing much more because of all this and I really want to thank those who blazed the trail ahead of me.

  1. There are different media types

  2. There is a big difference between media types

  3. Cheap media is cheap for a reason

  4. TY and MCC are good; Princo is not

  5. Not all burners are the same

  6. Just because you recognize the name on the burner; it doesn’t mean a thing

  7. If you want to scan, get a Liteon

  8. If you want to get a great reader for problem discs, get a BenQ

  9. You really need CDSpeed, and CloneDVD and AnyDVD and a whole bunch of other things

  10. New versions of Nero are always buggy, so wait a while

  11. There is firmware

  12. You can update your firmware

  13. Updating your firmware can destroy your drive if you screw it up

  14. Don’t screw it up

  15. We all burn coasters

  16. DVDs come in two flavors, + and –

  17. Pressed DVDs come in two flavors, SL and DL

  18. Bitsetting

  19. Ripping

  20. There are some really creative guys out there who hack firmware and you should really see what they do

  21. Where to go to get firmware

  22. Chipsets and external cases are different and you can’t just plug it in

  23. How to search for information



  26. Just because you can burn at 16X doesn’t mean you should burn at 16X

  27. Where all the good deals are

  28. Sooner or later, no matter how smart you are, you will need help too

  29. So, help someone else, even if the question is really, really lame

  30. We all look lame to somebody

Chas, you have me ROFL with #26; 28 and 29 are oh so true…

Can I add that I’m proud to be a member of this community?

Yo chas0039-

Thanks for the list-

Having been in many a thread together - I must say to all - that it has been my honor to have been associated with you-

I look forward to many years together to come-



btw - thanks again for hanging in here - even under the demeaning conditions imposed by the cyber idiot-eh!!

Nice list. :flower:

I like #23 a lot

Noobs don’t.

Hence their unpopular label :slight_smile:

Great idea and great job. My fav is #28. :clap:

  1. Beefcake!