Thirteen days...which program?

I was just wondering what program works best for the movie Thirteen Days. Can’t seem to keep the Infinifilm part. :frowning:

CloneDVD2 worked for me. CloneCD should also work if you want to backup to dual layer media. You cant eliminate any titlesets or subtitles or audio. Because they may be necessary for the infinifilm stuff to work correctly. Don’t know if you compress your movies onto one disk but Thirteen days is one not to compress if keeping all titles and tracks results in a bad quality loss.

Burn it dual layer with CloneCD or split the movie onto two backup media with CloneDVD2.


I didn’t want to split/shrink it. I just want an exact backup copy of the infinifilm as well as good quality. When I used shrink just as a ripper it got rid of the infinifilm. Lost 1 dual layer disc already. The movie worked fine just the infinifilm part was missing. :frowning:

If this disc is a dual layer original, and you are trying to back it up to a dual layer blank DVD, there is an easy, safe solution…

1.) Use DVDDecrypter (final version) to rip. Select “Mode” menu, and choose “READ R.”

2.) Use DVDDecrypter (NOTE – or you can also use Image Burn, written by the same author) to burn the final disc. Select the “Mode” menu, and then choose “WRITE W.” Navigate to the ISO image on your hard drive that was created by step 1.) above.

3.) Done.

You will not lose any elements (including Infinifilm stuff). You will end up with a 100% true copy, only without the CSS copy protection which existed, and also without the region coding protection which existed. The layer brerak will even be in the identical spot, which is a HUGE issue, since many software programs cannot handle this, or they contain confusing info on how to go about determining where the layer break should be.

Other important tips (since dual layer blanks are still a bit pricey):

—The only truly safe choice in blank discs is still Verbatim. It is the most compatible with the most dual layer burners, by a mile. And, ther odds are better that your standalone DVD players will also “like” the discs.

—The only truly safe choice in dual layer blank discs is still DVD+R dual layer discs. They are the most compatible with the most dual layer burners, by a mile. And, with the usual standalone players. The DVD-R ones are much newer, and the compatibility issues are still being worked through.

(Disclaimer - the above paragraph is not necessarily true for single layer blank discs.)

—No multi-tasking. ESPECIALLY when you burn.

—Keep the burning speed slow. 2.4X. Resist the urge for speed, just to save an extra 4 or 7 minutes. Even if the discs are rated with a faster speed, I urge you to slow the software down (this is a setting you will see in DVDDecrypter as you run through the process).