Third Ultra HD Blu-ray movie copy appears on torrent sites - this time 'Inferno'

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After copies of the Ultra HD Blu-ray version of the ‘Smurfs 2’ and ‘Patriots Day’ appeared online, now also a copy of the movie ‘Inferno’ has made its way on torrent sites. The Ultra HD Blu-ray copy is again released by a group that calls themselves ‘Terminal’.

Yet again calling RedFox (former slysoft), yet again incorrect. Former slysoft implies Slysoft wasn’t shut down but simply renamed. This is NOT the case. SlySoft got SHUT DOWN. Just because some of the former slysoft staff founded redfox doesn’t make redfox into former slysoft.

What a shocker I thought it could never be broken…even by the likes of RedFox or wait it was crackers that did it. hmmm…

I wonder if the crackers will still be able to do it when studios start putting AACS 2.0 on everything.

If you can read it you can break it…you seems to think they can’t well hate to burst your bubble they will. They are just stupid as ever making it harder for buying users and giving crackers more fun to poke them in the eys.