> Third time lucky - 3 for 1 <



Hi & welcome back to the very ignored!
I asked two questions before, but all ignored me, so I'll try for a third, hoping its full of luck.
I'll make this as brief as possible...

  1. Amiga Kickstart 3.1 - 3.5 Rom files for a PeeCee

  2. Any On-line Problems with Win2k & WinMe anyone?

  3. Audio Sliders 2 or above Codez or KeyGenz?

Thanks for your time

Le'Fugitive of Le'iDDioTz ® 2ooo

Time is Everything!

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you have two options LeFugitive:

  1. The really don’t like you. (this is very unlikely)

  2. Nobody can help you with your questions.(very likely)





Very hard to find any roms for amiga.
But try yourself at this link http://www.lnkworld.com/ choose gaming links, then game emulators…
Better make your own roms…
Good luck.


KooL! Yeah, ‘SiES’ was starting to think I smell or something!
Thanks for your time & I hope more will try to give me help ( hint hint! )
I still have an A1200 lying around, so I guess finding ROM copying software, to port the A1200 ROM to whatever, would be a better for me & anyone else.
If its so hard to find ‘X-CEED’ maybe I’ll be doing something alittle special and can add it my new Web Site, whenever its born. Hmmm?!?
Thanks again & Happy Hacking!