Third generation HD DVD players announced by Toshiba

I just posted the article Third generation HD DVD players announced by Toshiba.

According to a news published at DailyTech, Toshiba announced the third generation of standalone HD DVD players, all claimed to have a price under $500 (€ 365):

The entry-level HD-A3,...
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That deep colour thing suggests they are using 1.3 HDMI going by the chart in wiki: …which is sweeet :stuck_out_tongue: the design is kind of late 80s though :d

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This is nice, however. Where are the HD-DVD burners and cheap media. Seemd blu-ray is way ahead :frowning: I hate format wars :frowning:

Why the prices in Euros? When a price is $500 is the US, it normally means, at least, €500 in Euroland.