Third defective 716A

PIO only after about a year’s work. I feel f***** in the a**. The King of Quality again. I love Chinese drives …

Sad. Can we get some more details (how many burns, what’s broken, etc.?). BTW: If you use RMA you’ll very likely get a 755 …

Seems like another problem in the long, sordid laundry list of defective 716a’s. :frowning:

Well, I have used it quite a lot, perhaps 2000 burns, mostly dvd’s … I noticed my machine slowed down tremendously but didn’t pay too much attention. This reoccurred during the verify, which shouldn’t consume so much power. Then I realised a transfer rate of about 3 MB/s, and I knew what it was.

I’ve disabled and uninstalled the drive in the hardware manager either in normal mode and in secured mode (which lead to a much longer boot-up time than uninstalling it in normal mode; I even found udma 4 in the bios afterwards. This means uninstalling devices in secure mode must be more thorough.).

I have rma’ed, but will most likely not send the drive in because my local vendor, where I had the machine assembled, will order a 760 instead. This would have been the next item on my list anyway …

Is this possible?

After long hours of thinking I started my machine in secure mode, uninstalled the the drive in the hardware manager and installed the secondary master driver over itsself.

After rebooting, the 716 had its udma mode 2.

In the next step I chose a mcc00400 Verbatim 16x dvd+r for testing at 12x – and the scans looked excellent.

Thirdly, I used a 16x dvd-r 03RG20 – and I had pio mode again even during the burn.

Repeating the first step leads to a 716 in udma mode.

Could it be the disc? Perhaps a bad batch? FE/TE scans are fine, the PI/PO ones are terrible. TA scans are “good”, too, although they don’t look too pretty for my taste.

Edit: 2 scans of 03RG20’s, the first one at 8x, the second one at 16x. The question is: Is it the drive or is it the disc?

If it’s the drive whose laser is going wild it could show with a beta scan of those discs.

Also Verbatims have had their share of quality fluctuations recently too. Where are those made? India? Taiwan? Also are you sure they’re not fake?


To give you an possibility to compare, this is how my 716a does these media:

MCC 004 work better, or differently put: my (or the) 716a likes +R more than -R.[/I]

Mine are made in India. The ß-scan will follow …

Here we go. I’ve included a Sum1 and ß/j of a different batch. I can’t remember if thoses are from India or Taiwan.

What would you make of these scans?

And in comparison, a scan of an mcc004 disc with more extremes. PI/PO are much better.

IMHO that Beta is rather typical for a 716 at high speed and nothing seems out of order. Also IMHO that Beta values are OK. Here’s an example of what i meant when i asked to check beta: At the indicated positions there are big (>10-15%) up-down-up-down jumps produced either by a defective drive or (more likely) power-surges in the system.

So it might be media quality. I’ve made it a rule to stick with “Made in Taiwan” when it comes to Verbatim. And even so one is pulling straws whether one gets CMC or Prodisc :slight_smile: Have you tried 12x on these media?

Thanks a lot for your comments. All these disc were burnt at 12x, except for the first one (at 8x, for comparison). My mistake. The possible media speed was 16x, not the practical one. It was late at night. :slight_smile:

The deeper I get into the cakebox, the worse the scans … Again burnt at 12x, only the first 400 or so MB.

Thanks to some “cd freak” in the house, I got my hands on a Taiwanese 03RG20. Not too encouraging. Something in this drive doesn’t like Verbatim’s DVD-R.

That’s the same area on a MCC 004 DVD+R. Weird. I’m afraid it’s not enough for an RMA and not enough to happy with the drive.

While I wouldn’t worry too much for such a minimal trespassing of the PIF <=4 threshold this nicely shows a definitive difference in media quality for those two different batches.

Obviously it’s better to feed a drive with a +R preference with +R media instead of combining slightly minor -R capabilities with possible media variances for definitely inferior results. If, for some reason, you must use -R media you might want to try Sony 16D1 -R 16x. I had pretty good results with them in my 716 (i posted a scan in the old DVD-scans thread). It’s one of the few media that the 716 burned at a full 16x CAV without powerec kicking in and slowing down.

Yep, although the Sony media failed here. No good burn at a speed higher than 8x. I’ll keep the 716 and get me the 760, too. Will I have to expect problems having the 760 as master and the 716 as slave? I don’t have any other options …

I’ve been using a 716 and a 755 together for a few months on the same channel without problems.

Thanks again.

Alright. The 760 is built in. I gave it an “Indian” 03RG20, and the first thing was a new write strategy. Now, it takes longer to burn one at 12x than it did with the 716, but the scans are much much better.

Again the area in question (400 MB):

That result would correspond with my findings that the 755/760 are much more universal ‘dual format’ writers than the 716, who consistently preferred +R.

Anyway, glad to hear your 760 works fine.