Thinpakking the dvd collection

Hey all

Instead of ordering a bunch of different cases, I though i’d ask around and see what other people’s experiences were like with thin dvd cases. Currently i have a large dvd collection and i’m considering getting some thinner dvd replacement cases to save some room.

I’m not reprinting any cover art so i’d like to use the existing cover art with the new replacement cases. What size would work best for my situation?

Looking online i see that 14mm is the standard width for dvd cases, and the thin cases are either 9mm, 7mm, or 5mm. Will i have to cut down my existing cover art to fit in a 9mm case? What solution works best for you?

I’m sure theres got to be plenty of people in this forum that gone through this before.

I like the thin black DVD cases and prefer them for the space they save.
Recently I have been using Tyvek sleeves for some also.

I use a Marshall paper cutter to trim the paper to size, when I copy a DVD cover from that pictured on Amazon. For the thinner cases I do a Photoshop job to put in a spline title to fit.

Original 14mm cover sheets will NOT fit into thinner cases. It’s not possible without folding the sheets, which will stretch/tear the clear overwrap, or or cutting the sheets. So if you’re not gonna reprint your covers, you might as well forget it.

I started using 9mm cases from CompUSA about 4 years ago, but when they went out of business, I couldn’t find that size again. I got a load of 7mm, but they’re just [B]TOO[/B] thin to read anything on the spine. Fortunately, a couple of places now carry 9s, so I just got a box from Meritline. (153-319-100 $21)

I quit counting when I had ~1300 titles, so I guess I’m near 1500 now, and it DOES make a difference. So do the bulk cases (like 8 & 10 with ~27mm spines) for big collections that come in separate 14mm cases. There are 14mm cases that will hold up to 6 disks. I keep a variety on-hand.

I scan my original cover sheets, shrink ONLY the spine, then save both versions. I store the original, print the slimmed version, & cut it to fit on a Fiskars paper cutting board.

If you want a sample of cases just to try the sizes, I’ll sell you one or 2 of each. E-mail me thru my profile.

Thanks for the help Steve. I think I’ll save myself the hassle and just get a bigger shelf.

Agreed - think it’s easier to just increase the storage space than to have to retrofit a ton of artwork!

My solution was to go with 14mm 2 and 4 disc DVD cases. If I’m reproducing the original movie case inserts, I shrink them and print one each on the front and back of the insert, then type in text over the spine area. With decent high-res paper, the shrunken insert images are still readable and look fine. For TV series and multi-disc sets, I use the 4-disc cases. This all allowed me to more than double my DVD storage capacity and still have everything readable on the spines.

I originally bought a decent-sized shelf unit. Then it filled up, so I designed & built one into a pocket in the wall. Then that filled up, so I started using the other one again. Then they both overflowed, and they started going into the bottom of the buffet in the dining room. Now they’re ALL full. This pic is from JUST AFTER the built-in, so the older storebought one is empty.

I’m about to have to build a FINAL SOLUTION shelf that will fill that corner in the hallway. It’ll be nested semicircular shelves that swing out, and the outermost one will hold ~600 (packed full).

I am also running out of room, rather then going back and thinpacking my entire collection though I’m only going to use thinpacks for any new movies I add to my collection after I run out of my current supply of regular DVD cases (about 20 left).

Could think about doing this, it might make your collection look unbalanced but saves the work and ink and trees of going back and re-printing your entire collection.