Thinkpad T40 no sound from laptop speaker

I could not find appropriate forum topic to post, therefore, I am posting here. I apologize if I am not suppose to post here.

My Thinkpad T40 speaker doesnot produce any sound :a . It used to but suddenly I donot know what happened. Now, I can only hear sound through my headphone but not through laptop speaker. All the drivers are fine and working.

I am looking for your help. Thank you.

Is your T40 still in warrantee? If it is I would send it in for repairs, otherwise the speakers could be blown out due to improper handling or hardware malfunction.

Hello, go to the website, and type in your model number. The page will display all the hardware. Choose the audio, and download it to your desktop. Once finished execute it, and it will go to your main drive,(mine is C:\drivers\win folder). Now open up control panel, go to systems, hardware tab, and device manager. Right click on the audio, and click update driver. The wizard will open, and ask if you want to connect to the internet, choose not this time, and next. The next windows that pops up, make sure you choose install from a specific location, then click on browse, and go to the drive where the driver is installed. This shouls sodve your problem. The same goes for the ethernet, video, modem, and many other deivces. I hope this helps.

Hi, I had the same problem with my Thinkpad T40, there were no sound at speakers and audio jaks, but the solution is to download the HOTKEY driver for windows XP from the driver page: