Thinkpad Faceplate Available for ND-6500A



As the title states, I have one Thinkpad (Ultrabay2000) faceplate available for the ND-6500A. I also have an original faceplate that I modified myself available. See this thread (near or at the end) for details:

You can email me if interested (You’ll get it for what I paid for it…plus shipping):


Someone’s got to want this, or is there only me that’s using this drive in a Thinkpad?


You have mail.


Thanks…I emailed you this morning but haven’t received email back from you…although I did read and respond to your PM’s.




Sorry, no more faceplates of any kind…all have been sold. Tried to buy some more from this guy I originally got them from on eBay but he told me that selling to me is bad for his business so he won’t sell me any more. Your best bet is to find him on eBay yourself and make him a deal. He knows he sold me faceplates too cheap and that his NEC multiburners sell for much more if he changes out the fraceplate himself and sells them alreeady modified on eBay. I tried and tried to find where he got the faceplates from but had no luck.